Hi, Hola, 你好, สวัสดี, my name is Truman Boyes.


Truman is part of the CTO Office at Bloomberg LP, where he is Head of Network Architecture. He is focused on the intersection of software and hardware, high performance, and elegance of design. He previously led research relating to networking within Bloomberg’s Research and Development team. Prior to Bloomberg, he was a senior manager at Juniper Networks in Hong Kong, where is built the professional services team around APAC. Before Juniper, Truman was involved in small Internet security companies. Truman is the author of Broadband_Network_Architectures (2007), and numerous IETF related works.


Truman lives in NJ, works in NY, and focuses effort on microfinancing to eradicate poverty, and helping social causes, hacking for kids, privacy and freedom.