On rebooting writing

I used to write thoughts on nearly everything. It really helped to better formulate complete thoughts on all different topics; what is fascinating is that I was able to somehow keep nearly all of the old journals that I had over the years. I have Marble notepads from highschool with random thoughts on what life was like at that time; Moleskin pads from nearly 20 years of working. For some years, I have lagged in writing because I simply forget to keep at it, or something takes me in a different direction.

I had webpages online in 1995 but the oldest page that I can find dates to 2001: https://web.archive.org/web/20010309024251/http://www.truman.net/

While I find twitter interesting to share and network with quick thoughts and commentary; complete thoughts are best positioned in longer form. I experimented with Medium, and in the past hosted my own WordPress installs. For simplicity and focus, I decided to get a paid account on WordPress and use the SaaS. So far, it’s been pretty awesome. The ease of use, and even the tech support is great. I had one issue that was resolved via a chat with support. [ Which reminds me — shouldn’t everything have instant online chat support to resolve issues? ]

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