On catching up on movies and shows

During Covid-19, friends are watching a lot of shows on netflix, prime, disney+, etc; and it has become commonplace to share recommendations on latest cool movie, documentary, or tv show.

Just based on viewing habits, I am so far behind everyone that I know. I still haven’t finished Game of Thrones, Ozark, etc. I really haven’t ever been able to focus on lengthy series of shows since HBO’s The Wire. That was my most favorite production of all time — although I haven’t watched it since it ended, and it may have been more temporal. Not sure what it would be like to watch it again.

I did notice that there is no easy way to share Amazon Prime Watchlists with friends. It would be cool if that was a native feature or if there was a good meta search site that allowed for shared content lists. I tweeted over to Prime and they assured me they would take this idea to their product team.

Last weekend I watched The Man Who Skied Down Everest.

Amazon.com: The Man Who Skied Down Everest: Yûichirô Miura, Douglas Rain,  Mitsuji Kanau, Bruce Nyznik, Lawrence Schiller, Bob Cooper, Millie Moore,  Dale Hartleben, F.R. Crawley, James Hager: Movies & TV

Pretty wild to see how involved it was to get this skier up to the mountain and the sacrifices made by the sherpas. During the course of the climb, six sherpas were killed in a collapse of ice.

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