The Week – Dec 14 2020

Had the Tesla Model S repaired. The rear passenger window failed, as the cable that connects to the motor snapped. Apparently, it’s a thing. I chatted with the mobile tech that came out to fix it. He informed me that he was fixing a few today. While my car is no longer until full warranty, and the cost is not cheap to fix most Tesla issues, I still find this car to be great value. Plus, getting the repair performed in my driveway vs. going to the service center is such a service.

I used to have a Bloomberg Terminal for years ( I worked there ), and they are amazing. Since moving on, I have struggled to find decent investment analytics sites or applications. Lately, I started using Koyfin. It’s pretty amazing and the features and richness of data is more than most of the free and paid charting sites out there.

There is snow predicted for this week. Hoping to get over to the boat before the storm rolls in to ensure everything looks right.

  • I heard good things about WakeOut – and app for doing exercises.
  • Watched an interesting video from David Zhang about using a 4k TV monitor with a main workstation. Interesting. I use a AOG 49″ ultra wide monitor connected to my Mac Book Pro. I keep the laptop closed and use the Magic Trackpad 2 with a Vulcan keyboard. It’s a lot of space for chrome windows.
  • Looks like iOS 14.3 is out. Will try this out on my iPhone X Max. One of these days I need to pickup the 12.
  • The weather has been chilly and wet. Ended up setting up my old treadmill. It was great to get a good mile or two in this morning.

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