Week Recap – Dec 18

The snowfall was decent in NY and NJ. Unfortunately, I didn’t do the preseason checks of my Ariens slow blower. I had bad gas in the tank and lots of gunk in the carb. Started to clean in; and while doing that we had some kids pop by looking to shovel. Gave them the job of digging out the driveway.

When weather permits I will fix up the snow blower. It really does make sense to winterize (or summer-ize) the gear when it’s not running.

  • Google News on the web now has dark mode.
  • Made it over to the boat to clear the snow and run the Diesel engine.
  • Our swimming pool cover pump is frozen or the hose is. I wonder if there is a way to keep the hose from freezing. If the pump was able to blow air through the hose to drain it — that would work.
Snow at the helm.

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