Memorial Weekend

  • Manually trenched the backyard (with a shovel… ouch!) about 60 feet in length to have electricians come and install ridged metal conduit to my shed for power. A few of the electricians that came to quote the job tried to talk me out of using RMC, and instead going direct burial wire. That seemed nuts near a pool, or even if we were planting in that area, it would be a disaster to strike the underground cable.
  • Now that I have two circuits in the shed, I can hook up my solar panels + grid tie to an inverter/charger for a protected circuit. I have a LiPO4 battery just waiting to be hooked up.

  • Assembled an amazing trampoline for the kids. This thing is huge and they are going to love it.

After all this digging and work around the backyard, and jumping on the trampoline, I woke up with a painful back and felt like I was leaning in a crooked way. YouTube saved the day with this video:

I have taken a lot of different types of transit in traveling around over the last 20 years. Just found a really cool website to look at various methods of travel to get between places:

Planted a bunch of Fargesia Rufa Clumping Bamboo in the backyard to create privacy. Hopeful that this will slowly grow over time.

Fargesia Rufa Plants dragon head sunset glow hardy clumping bamboo

Read a fascinating medium article on someone attempting to reverse engineer the disk images from CompuServe.

At some point I want to try BE OS on a VM. I remember this Operating System coming out, but I think at the time I was really into Free/OpenBSD and Linux.

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