The Week Ahead

I am excited about the upcoming week. It is a pivotal moment, personally and professionally. The 117th World Series starts on Tuesday in Houston.

2021 World Series logo.svg

We do all this work in technology, to get to this point. The see the season reach a climactic conclusion. To have winners. To have a reason to try harder than ever to see an investment payoff.

I am traveling next week to get out to the games and to connect with some of our team and partners. Looking forward to the trip to Houston and Atlanta.

Seasonal Change

I snapped some pics of plants that are in full bloom outside our house. Brilliant colors and intricacies of their complex patterns.

May be an image of flower and nature
Spider Flower

Home Automation

For the longest I have had all different types of home automation technologies. In our old house I setup Insteon, which was a complex setup of new switches that communicated between each other in an evolved X10-like protocol. Over time, I switched to various things like Zwave and Zigbee devices that connected to a hub. Couple that with Google Assistant devices, some Amazon devices, a bunch of WiFi outlets — you get the point… it started to get messy.

I just recently started using Home Assistant (running a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB) to serve as the bridge between all the of technologies. So far, it’s really neat. There is a simple way to control nearly every switch in the house, to build scenes (ie. waking up, night, etc), and to interact with audio and sensor devices. Music can follow you where you go; lights can auto turn off; and certain events can trigger more complex automation scripts.

Other Interesting Findings

I now use a paid subscription of Koyfin. This is basically a Bloomberg Terminal for regular people. It’s amazing. You can research and chart nearly any equity with advanced queries and macros.

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