Random – Week Jan 23 2022

It’s been a while since my last update. It’s a new year, and overall I am optimistic about ideas and new developments.

Here are some things I have been up to / thinking about:

  • Doing a lot more Home Automation with Home Assistant. This is a great system for automating all the smart things in the house. It’s quite feature rich, but it also needs a bunch of work to really get it going.
  • I started adding more Zigbee devices into the house to complement the existing WiFi and Zwave devices. My only issue was that I needed more Zwave “routers” to help in extending the signal around the house. Lot’s of plaster and brick are blocking the RF from getting around the place. Why Zigbee? Well, it’s much simpler that WiFi and possibly more secure for outside devices.
  • Been looking into LoRaWan technology and devices. Which then took me on a wild ride reading up on Helium (HNT) and other similar tech. I think LoRaWan is going to really be something for IoT. I am now looking to implement this on the boat.
  • I ordered a Bobcat Miner for Helium. This should be pretty interesting to setup in our town, and possibly add another on the boat in Jersey City.
  • I was reading up on Algarve, Portugal. Would be great place to visit with the fam.
  • Had a great time out at Sushi by Bou in Nomad location.
  • Looking at 5G CBRS and micro cell tech; primarily from JMA Wireless.
  • Going to rewire all the DC/AC wiring on the boat. Ordered some good marine cable. It will be good to know all of the layout incase there is an issue in the future.

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