Time on the shed

The shed is nearly complete. What started as a simple shed to store some tools, turned into a pool house.

If there was one specific thing that was accomplished during 2020; at least on the home front, it would be this shed. It’s a 10×12’ gabled roof wooden building that sits off the ground and on a frame.

Here is a picture of it during the summer construction
And another

At some point soon I will write up the details on construction and how I finish it.

Tesla Model S FOB Went Crazy

My Tesla Model S has been a dream to drive. Over the last two years that I have had it, I have had a few things that needed repair, (a door handle, etc); but this last issue was really annoying. It was quite simple actually — The fob must have been crushed in a pocket or was dropped.

As the plastic pushed down on the trunk area of the fob, the key would emit the signal to pop the trunk. But since the button was also depressed for longer durations, it would also open the charge port repeatedly. Sometimes I would be able to stop it by pushing it manually and then tucking the key into the glove box.

In any case, I needed a few key fob, which costs $175/each.

This issue taught me that holding the trunk button down will open the charge port. This is pretty handy.

On rebooting writing

I used to write thoughts on nearly everything. It really helped to better formulate complete thoughts on all different topics; what is fascinating is that I was able to somehow keep nearly all of the old journals that I had over the years. I have Marble notepads from highschool with random thoughts on what life was like at that time; Moleskin pads from nearly 20 years of working. For some years, I have lagged in writing because I simply forget to keep at it, or something takes me in a different direction.

I had webpages online in 1995 but the oldest page that I can find dates to 2001: https://web.archive.org/web/20010309024251/http://www.truman.net/

While I find twitter interesting to share and network with quick thoughts and commentary; complete thoughts are best positioned in longer form. I experimented with Medium, and in the past hosted my own WordPress installs. For simplicity and focus, I decided to get a paid account on WordPress and use the SaaS. So far, it’s been pretty awesome. The ease of use, and even the tech support is great. I had one issue that was resolved via a chat with support. [ Which reminds me — shouldn’t everything have instant online chat support to resolve issues? ]